4th Gustav Mahler Prize Cello Competition 2022

The organizer

of the competition is the Gustav Mahler Institute Prague (Institut Gustava Mahlera Praha) in cooperation with the Gustav Mahler Philharmonic Jihlava (Filharmonie G. Mahlera Jihlava).

The mission and goal of the competition 
is to deepen the interest and motivation of young talented violoncellists to interpret mutual understanding, interpretative confrontation, inspiration and love for music. The personality of the genius conductor and musical composer Gustav Mahler, who lived in Jihlava for the first 15 years of his life and inspired and enriched so much, reminds him of his noble ideas about the mission of music and is a permanent inspiration source and model for young musicians from all over the world.



Dear participants, dear cellists, dear colleagues!
Our competition is over and I must say that the level of all of you young cellists was extremely high. The jury was very friendly and we were trying to support your efforts so that you have another passion to work. Only one can win and we are glad that there was a consensus in the jury at important moments during whole competition. Thanks to my fantastic colleagues jurist!
I wish you to find endless love for music and our beloved cello.
I am looking forward to seeing you in Jihlava in the future.

Petr Nouzovský
president of Jury

Gustav Mahler Prize 2022 - Absolute Winner,

glass trophy and Prize Money 30.000 CZK

Constantin Paul Siepermann / Germany / video

Prize of Gustav Mahler Philharmonic Jihlava
(presents the possibility of a concert performance (orchestral or chamber concert) in future years)
David Pěruška / Czechia / video

Prize of Chief Conductor of the Gustav Mahler Philharmonic Jihlava
Arne Zeller / Germany / video1 / video2
Yuqi Wang / China / video1 / video2

Prize of Jury President
Jiyou Park / Australia / video

Prize of Director of the Gustav Mahler Institute Prague
Ziqi Liu / China / video
Tam Pak Shun Parson / Hong Kong / video

Prize of Mayor of the city of Jihlava
for the best competitor under 15 years of age (Diploma)
Jun Gardiner / Australiavideo

Prize for the best Czech competitor
David Pěruška / Czechia / video

Set of strings "Larsen Il Cannone for Cello" from our partner Larsen Strings
Jeri Lee / South Korea / video
Yuan Dong / China / video1 / video2
Jugyeong Kim / South Korea / video

Voucher for Visegrad Music Masterclass
Hanna Szczęsna / Poland / video

Voucher for Třeboňská letní setkávání 2022
Petr Hamerský / Czechia / video

Prize for the interpretation of a composition by Gaspar Cassado (Diploma)
Oliver Moh / UK / video

Prize for the interpretation of a composition by Samuel Barber (Diploma)
Jun Gardiner / Australia / video

Prize for the interpretation of a composition by Franz Schubert (Diploma)
Jeri Lee / South Korea / video

Prize for the interpretation of a composition by Carlo Alfredo Piatti (Diploma)
Yuan Dong / China / video

Prize for the interpretation of a composition by Aram Khatschaturian (Diploma)
Anna Meipariani / Germany / video

Prize for the interpretation of a composition by Ahmed Adnan Saygun (Diploma)
Catalina Wooldridge / USA / video

Prize for the interpretation of a composition by György Ligeti (Diploma)
Constantin Paul Siepermann / Germany / video
Dorottya Standi / Hungary / video

Congratulations to all competitors! We will be sending out the diplomas in a few days, please be patient. Thank you.

List of competitors

Category 1

YI YI / China
Sofie Caithamlová / Czechia
Alif Turongkaravee / Thailand
Markéta Štenclová / Czechia
Alena Klenova / Czechia
Franciszek Kolenda / Poland
Bogusław Graca / Poland
Doruk Enes Sağır / Turkey
Jagna Przybylska / Poland
Jiyou Park / Australia
Dylan Russell / Austria
Elekes Viola / Romania
Júlia Navarro Albero / Spain
Ziqi Liu / China
Tam Pak Shun Parson / Hong Kong
Bartlomiej Ambrosius / Poland

Category 3

Yujun Ren / China
Sayuri Šereš / Slovakia
Kaicheng Xie / China
Timothy Chua Jun Ming / Singapore
TingYu Xie / China
Jun Gardiner / Australia
Lu Yan / China
Tobiáš Balkovský / Czechia
Ziqi Jin / China
Wang Zhi Xi Ming / China
Forna Maruka / Romania
Yujun Ren / China

Leong Kaiting Erin / Singapore

Category 5

Nicholas Wong / USA
Kocifaj Michal / Slovakia
Linxuan Li / China
Yuki Ariel Wilson / USA/Spain
Shuming Ding / China
Yuan Dong / China
Marc Strokov / Germany
Marianna Szałkiewicz-Nowak / Poland
Václav Blahunek / Czechia
Sirui Wang / China

Category 7

Júlia Sofia Nagyová / Slovakia
Jan Petrov / Czechia
Maja Gendek / Poland
Catalina Wooldridge / USA
Jimena Fernández Flores / Spain
Klara Grochowska / Poland
Tabea Thoma / Germany
Arne Zeller / Germany
Ahmed Milan / Romania

Category 9

Radosław Garbiec / Poland
JUGYEONG KIM / South Korea
Polina Hlebnikova / Latvia
Josef Matěj Švec / Czechia
Hanna Szczęsna / Poland
Wiktoria Osińska / Poland
Maria Clara Mandolesi / Italy
Rainers Liekniņš / Latvia
David Pěruška / Czechia
Petr Hamerský / Czechia
Julie Krejčí / Czechia

Category 11

Uk Kim / South Korea
Meng-Hsuan Shieh / Taiwan
Laura Burai / Hungary
Dorottya Standi / Hungary
Łukasz Dziedziak / Poland

Category 2

Carla Stefania Achim / Romania
Martin Bernášek / Czechia
Niu Haozheng / China
Luocheng Zhang / China
Wang Enke / China
Ryan Yeh / New Zealand
Elżbieta Nirska / Poland
Zofia Klimaszewska / Poland
Rebeka Dostálová / Czechia
Filip Balga / Czechia
Oliver Moh / UK
Lim Yi Ting / Singapore
Szymon Pasowicz / Poland
Maria Zuzanna Majewska / Poland

Category 4

Austin Yuhan Dong / Canada
Paulina Długosz / Poland
Kamila Šitinová / Czechia
Karolina Słowińska / Poland
Luna Corina Diaz Cruz / Mexico
Jeri Lee / South Korea
Laura Rodriguez / Slovakia

Category 6

Nathaniel Yue / USA
Elizabeth Lesan / Slovakia
Beiyi Zhang / China
Yijulan Cao / China
Yuhan Liu / China
Dilay Ra Oygür / Turkey
Nicholas Kim / USA
Anna Svetlana Madeleine Feutrie / France/Russia
YuehanSun / China
Anna Meipariani / Germany
Cecilia Chiara Ginevra Alessio / Italy

Category 8

Li Hongxuan / China
Zuzanna Fromm / Poland
Xu Haoyuan / China
Yaoyu Gong / China
Ruoran An / China
Amalia Rümmele / Austria

Category 10

Štěpánka Plocková / Czechia
Vladimír Kubálek / Czechia
Yuqi Wang / China
Xinzhi Xu / China
Anna Marie Kadečková / Czechia
Wang Jingyixiong / China
Alessandro Mastracci / Italy
Sofía Torres Durán / Spain
Lukas Plag / Germany
Zhang Jiaqi / China
Yao Chen / China
Hans Schröck / Germany
Ni Zhang / China
Shanyue Zhu / China
Andrej Lekeš / Czechia
Kamila Łuczka / Poland
Constantin Paul Siepermann / Germany
Elena Ariza / USA


Applications shall be submitted exclusively electronically by completing an online form at www.mahler.institute (at the end of this page) and paying a registration fee. A certificate of payment of the fee shall accompany the application. Applications may be submitted no later than December 31, 2021. In case of high interest, the organiser reserves the right to terminate receipt of applications before that date.

Registration fee:

Registration fee:   1st - 5th category - € 40
                                6th - 8th category - € 75
                            9th - 11th category - € 100

Pay the registration fee by bank transfer:
IBAN: CZ4820100000002601525645

Owner: Institut Gustava Mahlera, z.s.
address: Fio banka, a.s., Millennium Plaza, V Celnici 10, 117 21 Prague, Czech Republic

You can pay the fee via PayPal (please use our email for Paypal: manager@f-gm.cz).
Please, enter the name of the competitor in the note/message to the recipient. Bank fees go to the competitor. 

The registration fee is non-refundable.

Application form

Wait for confirmation that your application has been successfully submitted. If you have a problem submit your application, please contact us here