Grand Prize:
Gustav Mahler Prize - Personalized Glass Trophy,  Prize Money 30,000 CZK, Diploma - the Absolute Winner

Special prices:

Prize of Gustav Mahler Philharmonic Jihlava

 awarded by the Gustav  Mahler Philharmonic Jihlava and presents the possibility of a concert performance in Jihlava (orchestral or chamber concert) in future years

Prize for category winner
personalized glass medal

Prize of Gustav Mahler Institute Prague
  presents a chamber concert in Prague

Prize of Mayor of Jihlava City
diploma for the best participant up to the age of 15

Prize of Chief Conductor of the Gustav Mahler Philharmonic Jihlava

Prize of President of the Jury

Vouchers for online lessons 

Voucher to Masterclasses "Třeboňská letní setkávání 2023"

Each competitor receives a diploma (by email)

The jury may also award other special prizes, also reserving the right not to award one.